Khadzhiev’s Guide to Port Drebon

Locations in Jaborre

Port Drebon lies across the Cyremont River, at the southern most tip of Jaborre. The city is split in five parts: the Northwestern quadrant, Northeastern quadrant, Southwest quadrant, Southeastern quadrant, and Old City. The Northwestern and Northeastern quadrants are mostly residential areas mixed with some businesses and leisure areas. The Southwest and Southeastern quadrants are mostly businesses with some residential areas mixed in between. Old City used to be a fairly nice area, but is now a slum.

Byron’s Circle: This circular courtyard is at the crossroads between National Avenue and Drebon Street. Byron’s Circle serves as the spot to gather for any event, whether it be the public execution of a black mage or a festival. There are weekly open markets held where exotic goods, like spices from the Sutanni Empire, the seeds of foreign plants, scrolls of ancient lore, delicate fans, and ornamental rugs, are all sold to tourists and the general populace.

Council Hall: This building is the hub of the government. The Judge of Defense, Judge of Security, Judge of Magics, Judge of Commerce, and Judge of Education all work from this building. It is not open to the general public or tourists, but Nobles are permitted within its hallowed halls.

New Recham Bridge: Visit the newest bridge to be built in the last thirty years. This bridge was rebuilt after black mages attacked it in 11.874.

1. Port Drebon University: Contains the Port Drebon College of Magics, as well as other colleges. Within these walls are the brightest minds of Jaborre, studying to join the Department of Magics and other Departments in order to defend our nation. It is widely known to be the premier university in the world. The current Head Magus is Wiktor Marcellus.

2. Port Drebon University Library: This distinguished library is home to the largest collection of knowledge in Jaborre. Unfortunately, it is now known only for the scandal that occurred in the year 11.884. A theft of over a hundred books occurred that year, and the mystery of who stole them remains unsolved to this day.

3. The Bakkeli Orchestra House: Constructed in 874, this building is a must-see for any tourist visiting Port Drebon. There are biweekly performances featuring the National Orchestra and several private chamber orchestras. The arrival of out-of-town orchestras is announced in The People’s Press, so keep an eye out so you can attend one during your vacation.

4. The Port Drebon Museum of the Arts: Features paintings and sculptures from around the world, some dating back to the years 8.005 and older. Admission is free for children under the age of 12, so the museum makes for a wonderful tourist attraction for families.

5. First Public Library: At the dawn of the year 11.850, this library was opened as the first free library in Jaborre. Common folk and Nobles alike visit these halls and read side by side. Visit to see the plaque commemorating this momentous occasion in the history of Jaborre, or simply to borrow a book.

6. The Gaal Theatre: Featuring a number of plays, including The Dastardly Misadventures of Balmor the Black Mage, or for a more sensitive crowd, The White Rose of Remhen, the Gaal Theatre should be a part of every tourist’s itinerary.

7. The Riverview Inn: For the tourist with limited funds, this inn provides cheap accommodations right off of South Nation Avenue. Avoid crossing Finner Bridge and entering Old City. That part of the city has a high crime rate.

8. The Oboro Hotel: If you have the funds or the thought of sleeping so close to Old City makes you nervous, the Oboro Hotel is the luxury alternative for staying overnight in Port Drebon. They serve full meals at their restaurant on the roof and overlook Council Hall, home of our illustrious government.

9. The Loredan Hotel: This is another luxury option right around Council Hall. They are situated only two blocks away from the Jaborre Museum of Magics and The Bakkeli Orchestra House.

10. Jaborre Museum of Magic: This museum features a number of objects of power, including but not limited to the prototype of the watchmirror made by Meciel Recham, the first magi-engine-powered train, and more arcane objects such as an Orb of Disillumination. Magical technology drives this nation forwards, and the museum displays a broad sampling of the technology that has shaped Jaborre’s culture.

11. Watchguard Department Northwest Quadrant: If you see a crime in progress, hear someone planning to commit a crime, or have evidence that someone committed a crime, you are obligated by law to report it. The locations of all Watchguard Departments is required on every map.

12. Watchguard Department Northeast Quadrant

13. Horse Race Track: For enthusiasts, casual viewers, and gamblers alike, the horse races are always a good time.

14. Port Drebon Court House: Some of the greatest victories against the black mage menace have been won in this courthouse. A list of the fallen watchguards and judges who fell in the line of duty is displayed in the lobby.

15. Port Drebon Prison: Some of the most terrible black mages of our time were held in this prison. Tours of the closed-down portions of the PDP are held weekly, with guides who tell the tales of the worst black mages.  Please note that children and sensitive adults may find this affair to be disturbing.

16. Watchguard Department Southeast Quadrant

17. Statue of Alexander Pajic: This was the statue built commemorating the Prime Minister who served during the years 11.860 to 11.874, during the Harkow Tragedy. His actions shaped Jaborre’s future in regards to the actions taken against black mages, so no such tragedy will ever be allowed to occur in the future.

18. Watchguard Department Southwest Quadrant

19. Luiza Kadiev Memorial Park: The black mage Thomas Bodzin kidnapped Luiza Kadiev and fifty others, performing dastardly experiments and using them in rituals of black magic. He was caught and Luiza Kadiev was found alive. Unfortunately, her injuries were too severe, and she died later in the hospital. Before moving to Port Drebon, Luiza Kadiev survived the Harkow Tragedy, making her passing only more heart-rending. A statue was erected in her honor and the park renamed after her, as a reminder of the ravages of those dark times.

20. The Great Room: While tourists and the common folk are not allowed inside, visiting the grounds of the Great Room is on every tourist’s itinerary. It is the private club for The Noble Houses of Port Drebon.

21. Khadziev Traveling Agency: Please visit our traveling agency for more information on Port Drebon and other cities in Jaborre.

Please note that loitering in black out zones (streets and alleys where Watchmirrors are unable to see you) is prohibited. The penalty is a hefty fine for the first instance, and jail-time for the second.

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