Scene 4.5: Lines and Letters

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Amalia's townhouse

Nottingate House was built with state-of-the art Aegis protection by Nerney’s Nexus Security Systems. The blue blocks on the blueprints indicate our high-quality, state of the art Aegis (not shown are the panels beneath the floor and inside the ceiling.) Our Aegis is capable of detecting anyone entering or leaving the house under the influence of Black Magic and block projectiles.

When the alarm is triggered, a report goes to the Port Drebon Watchguard Department, ensuring your safety. Our Aegis Protection System is powered by several grand crystals and secondary crystal backup system, just in case, because we care about your safety.

Buy Nerney’s Nexus Security System today, and we will install it for FREE!(1)

1. Terms and conditions may apply. Please contact your local representative for further information.


12 Sumquar, 11.901

Dear Judge di Danti,

Thank you for your interest in Nerney’s Nexus Security Systems. We typically do not give out the technological specifications of our products, but for you we can make an exception. We trust you will keep this information strictly confidential, for the safety of our customers.

The core of our Aegis is standard. There is a primary and secondary crystal port, with the secondary serving as a back-up power station if the primary crystals are being replaced or are overloaded. Typically the secondary crystals are only activated when someone takes out the primary crystals to recharge them. It switches on automatically if the power drains too low or if the Aegis switches off. A charge lasts for a maximum of 20 hours. Naturally, you can extend that to 40 hours if you allow the system to switch to secondary crystal power. However, that is not recommended.

If the house is under attack, the running time for the primary system is variable, dependent on how long the system has already been running, which makes the secondary crystals invaluable, especially if the burglars have estimated the time when you are about to replace the primary crystals.

If the secondary crystals are always fully charged, then you do not need to worry about someone exploiting the limited running time remaining on a low-charge crystal. Fully charged, the system can withstand 6 hours under attack. With the secondary crystals, you have a full 12 hours. Of course, you would not expect to need that, since the system alerts the Port Drebon Watchguard Department the moment it is triggered.

The system has 3 independent grids. The Detection Grid can detect projectiles fired at the house. Once it detects a projectile, it sends out an alert to the Port Drebon Watchguard Department informing them of the break-in, as well as automatically triggering the other two grids. The Port Drebon Watchguard Department generally takes about 10 minutes to arrive on scene.

The Detection Grid, once tripped, switches the Barrier Grid from passive to active mode. When the Barrier Grid is on passive mode, it prevents anyone from entering the building through the windows or doors unless they are recognized by the system. This system is generally left off unless someone is sleeping or has left their house.

In your case, Judge di Danti, we would suggest leaving it on permanently, if it is not too bold to say. Once the Detection Grid has triggered the Barrier Grid into active mode, it will block any projectiles fired at the house. Gunfire, grenades, and the like will have no impact on the house or its inhabitants. Please note that the Barrier active mode lasts 6 hours before it switches to secondary crystals, but this is only an estimate. Depending on the force behind the projectile, the running time could be significantly less.

The Barrier Grid has one more mode above active mode, called full alert. It is activated if the Detection Grid detects fire or explosives. This mode can be maintained for 1 hour, but please not that a couple concentrated blasts can overpower the system. This system is not meant to protect against powerful explosives. At most, we can assume that the system would be able to handle one large blast at full charge. There are several instances which can trigger full alert beyond an explosive force aimed at the house.

The third grid is the Black Arts Detection Grid. As I am sure you are aware, we cannot print -anywhere- how this grid works. If you need more information, please come to our office with the proper paperwork. The system detects if someone is under the influence of Black Magic or is using Black Magic. If they get within range of the system (a yard around the house) the system will trigger full alert. This will also send an alarm to the Port Drebon Watchguard Department.

If someone tries tampering with any of the Grids, the alarm will go off and send an alert to the Port Drebon Watchguard Department.

Please contact us if you require more information.

Thank you for your patronage,

Rachel Nerney

Co-owner of NNSS


92 Sumquar, 11.901

To: Frank Bishop,

This is a formal request for security detail on Miss Amalia di Danti, of House di Danti. She is at 311 Cercis Street on the 2nd Loop, Port Drebon. Watchmirrors around her premises are to be monitored. I am requesting 24/7 detail.


Judge Titus di Danti

Bureau of Security


1 Faquar, 11.901

Dear Judge di Danti,

We will begin immediately, sir. Forgive me for asking, sir, but do you also want updates on her whereabouts?


Frank Bishop


1 Faquar, 11.901

To: Frank Bishop,

The purpose of this assignment is to protect my daughter from harm, not accuse her of any crime. I am to be alerted if there are troublesome characters outside her townhouse, or if  someone sends threatening mail. As for her whereabouts, I am only to be alerted if she enters Old City or past the 3rd Loop of the East Quads. She has a full-time bodyguard for all other needs.

-Judge Titus di Danti


2 Faquar, 11.901

Dear Titus,

I received an intriguing request from our friend at the College, Wiktor Marcellus. With such an  odd request, I feel impelled to ask your guidance. It appears that your daughter has requested a waiver to view restricted material on Compulsion rituals. Obviously, I rejected the waiver. Information on restricted magics is restricted for a reason, as I hope you have taught her.

Unfortunately, such an odd request makes one uncomfortable, and puts me in a position where I feel I must choose between doing you, my friend, the favor of keeping this information private, or obeying my conscience and informing Chief Investigator Boswell. Naturally, if I were to tell the Chief Investigator, I could not guarantee the information remains private. Of course, Boswell’s background makes him likely to find Amalia’s behavior suspicious. You as well as anyone knows how detrimental this could be to your daughter’s career. Someone at her age being interested in restricted magics?

A person like that would have no place in the Department of Magics unless we could be assured that the di Danti family remains true to the ancient covenants and our laws. The members of the Council and the greater public are concerned with your stance on the I-A7 Tax Reforms. This new finding only casts further doubts. I know I personally would feel more comfortable with this situation if you changed your mind.


Judge Orwyn Pennington, Bureau of Magics

2 Faquar, 11.901


To: Orwyn

On the contrary, my daughter’s request is only evidence of her ignorance of restricted magics. I am certain she was not even aware that Compulsion rituals are restricted magics. We have largely shielded her from the darkness in this world, so she would not realize her purely academic interests could be viewed with suspicion.

While I agree that rumors can be damaging, they will not amount to anything beyond unsubstantiated gossip. Without fire to feed the flames, nothing will come of it. No reputable newspaper would publish such a thing, and the office workers would forget about it in a week after some new scandal has come to light. Even if you managed to convince Boswell to question my daughter, it would only reflect poorly on the Council. Questioning the children of Nobles under Compulsion is not something to be done lightly. If you feel so morally impelled, then by all means start a formal inquisition. When it fails and Amalia is found innocent, it will be on your head.

My stance on the I-A7 Tax Reforms remains the same. It is in the best interests of the nation to maintain the current system. The loud but small minority that disagree are only fear mongers who enjoy stirring dissent. Your reputation would suffer fewer ills if you cut ties with them.


Judge Titus di Danti, Bureau of Security


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