As the plot progresses, new information will be added to each character. Please note that for new readers, this page will contain spoilers.

Main Cast

Amalia di Danti: Age 18. Daughter of Titus di Danti and Marion di Danti, of the Noble House di Danti. A student of Engimancy who plans on becoming a researcher for the Bureau of Magics someday. She is in awe of her father and finds the study of magic fascinating.

Titus di Danti: Age 49. Formerly Titus Babbidge, a commoner who married into the Noble House di Danti. He is the Judge who presides over the Bureau of Security, managing the international affairs of Jaborre. He is taciturn and principled, willing to put aside his own personal wants for the better of his country.

 Jeptha Harland: Age 19. The son of Eleanor Harland and Bernard Moore. His father is disinterested in him and his mother is a General in the army. He enjoys partying and drinking. He is one of Amalia’s best friends. He met her when they were children, while his mother and her father were working together on a case.

Philomena Pelorian: Age 18. Her mother is Paige Pelorian and her father is Lawrence Pelorian, of the Noble House Pelorian. She is studying law at the University. She finds talk of The Council and of politics to be distasteful. She is one of Amalia’s best friends. Her father and Amalia’s mother travel in the same social circles.

Harvey Kane: Age 16. The adopted son of Lothar Czako. He wants to protect his family and make the world a better place for the people living in Old City.

Supporting Cast

Bennett Miller: Age 59. An old, bitter drunk who lived with Lothar and Harvey. He thinks things will only get worse for the people of Old City, so he helps them get out of the country.

Henrik Fleming: Age 32. Judge Titus di Danti’s secretary.

Jubilee: Age ?. A woman who frequents The Red Roost in Old City, wearing a necklace of human teeth.

Lawrence Pelorian: Age 47. He is a Noble who owns the largest printing press in Port Drebon. He is the father of Phillip and Philomena Pelorian. His wife is Paige Pelorian. He also secretly writes articles for the underground newspaper, The Free Voice.

Lothar Czako: Age 37, deceased. A black mage who helped smuggle people out of Jaborre and into the Sutanni Empire, providing false passports and papers.

Marion di Danti:  Age 44. A Noble, specifically, the Head of House di Danti. She runs three factories in Port Drebon, one of which manufactures watchmirrors. She is the wife of Titus and the mother of Amalia.

Wiktor Marcellus: Age 72. A Noble. He is the Grand Meister at Port Drebon University’s College of Magics. He taught the former Prime Minister, Meciel Recham.

Orwyn Pennington: Age 65. A Noble. He is the Judge presiding over the Bureau of Magics.

Paige Pelorian: Age 42. Formerly Paige Barankova. She was a commoner who married into the the Noble House Pelorian. Her children are Phillip and Philomena. (She chose their names.) She is separated from her husband, Lawrence, and is currently living with a lover named Jerome.

Philip Pelorian: Age 20. Philomena’s older brother who is engaged to be married.

 Historical Figures

Meciel Recham: Age 60. Retired Prime Minister of Jaborre. Studied at the College of Magics at Port Drebon University.



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